Proyect information

This graduation project was carried out within the framework of the Chair "A": Workshop on Visual Communication Design 5; Visual Communication Design; National University of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The reason for the project and its research was primarily to generate a contribution, from the field of Visual Communication, to enhance the National Parks users’ experience in most of the instances of contact with the Parks. Also, it is aimed to provide consistent information for visitors to promote awareness of Protected Areas and, thereby, regulate their actions for Environmental Conservation.

  • Mobile app
  • Wayfinding
  • Brand identity

Posters for magazines

The advertising strategy is based on the contact of man with nature and energy exchange. This is because, in dialogue with users, they stressed the importance of a peaceful energy and / or transmitting adventure in the minimum contact time and space observation, flora and fauna.
Display advertising will be broadcast on national magazines and international tourism emphasizing that energy and careful record of all the National Parks with users in general.
At the bottom, the user is invited to download the application to visit and learn about the Nahuel Huapi National Park.