Proyect information

This graduation project was carried out within the framework of the Chair "A": Workshop on Visual Communication Design 5; Visual Communication Design; National University of La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
The reason for the project and its research was primarily to generate a contribution, from the field of Visual Communication, to enhance the National Parks users’ experience in most of the instances of contact with the Parks. Also, it is aimed to provide consistent information for visitors to promote awareness of Protected Areas and, thereby, regulate their actions for Environmental Conservation.

  • Mobile app
  • Wayfinding
  • Brand identity

Plano de mano - folleto informativo

"You received this park as ancient heritage. Please take care of it"

The idea is that each user can take a plane of each area or national park aims, its use and read during your visit and its conservation as a souvenir after the visit. This will generate, by extension, that ideas and information are transmitted there, expand your family and friends and can be re-read and re-used many times as the user provides.
The style of representation chosen, has to do with the idea to reference a scroll that simulates hundreds of years of existence, as the legacy we inherited from our ancestors to convey this assessment of natural energy that surrounds us. In turn, acts as a "treasure map", where each attraction or service is a relic to find and keep for those who come later.